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photo 2(1)_copyPolly Edwards

When and why did you start practicing Bikram yoga? 

I started my Bikram practice in London Richmond in 2008, after many years of high intensity sports my body was broken.  By chance I walked past a Bikram studio and was fascinated by the pictures of the people sweating like crazy while doing yoga. I thought, “that’s something for me!”  I went the next day and nearly died but I couldn’t get over how good I felt after. My body was pain free and my mind was clear. Yoga helped me tremendously while in University dealing with my dyslexia, spending time on my mat calmed my mind and made it much easier to focus on my studies. 

When and why did you decide to go to teacher training?

 I attended Bikram’s teacher training in April 2011 in Los Angeles, California. After only a few months of practicing Bikram Yoga I knew I wanted to become a teacher. The yoga practiced had changed my life and helped me find a new and healthier balance within my mind and body. I knew I wanted to share my passion for yoga with others. It is the most incredible feeling to be able to give back to my students and see how their lives transform. The most rewarding thing for me is when a student tells me how good they feel when they start to see their minds and bodies changing in front of their eyes. 

What is the biggest/best/hardest lesson the practice has taught you?

 The hardest part of my practice was letting go of my ego and being patient with myself. Removing self- doubt and body image complexes, I learned to love the person in the mirror staring back at me. As I cultivated more and more patience, not only did I begin to feel comfortable in my own skin but my body began to heal after years of intense sports. I still continue to evolve.  The best part is that if you find that balance between your mind and body anything is possible. 

What is your favorite posture and why?

My favorite posture is “Half Moon” pose. At last, after so many years of practice I feel like I have got it. I can feel every inch of my body working and body and breath connecting as one. 

What is your most challenging posture and why? 

“Separate-Leg-Head-to-Knee!” I still have a far way to go in this one. My mind and hips have not yet found each other.  I find it difficult to readjust in this pose and feel what is really going on. But I have hope -I just need to keep on practicing and listing to the dialogue.


Guest Teacher  
  Bikram & Yin Yoga Teacher