pregnancy yoga at BYLU

Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga


Pre-natal Class every  Wednesday at 9.30am for 60min (less hot) 

Do not worry, there is no need to stop your Bikram Yoga practice (if you are a regular practitioner).  You can continue your yoga practice with us when you are pregnant. Below you are able to find some tips and links to the pregnancy yoga modifications. 

Please make sure to talk to your doctor before hand and make sure to inform us about your pregnancy as soon as you know. We recommend you start practicing the modified series the moment you know that you are pregnant 

If you have never done Bikram yoga starting the practice in your pregnancy is not recommended. 

Information on the Birkam yoga Pregnancy Series

The Bikram pregnancy postures can be practiced in the regular classes. The Pregnancy yoga postures are either slightly modified or replace regular postures.

Bikram yoga Poses to be avoided when Pregnant:

Sit - Up
All Forward Compression 
Standing Head to Knee
Inward Twist

The class is at first a little less demanding with plenty of breaks. This will allow you to practice even in the later stages of your pregnancy. The practice will allow you to stay mobile and fit. 

Important Tips:

During Pregnancy, you will have a hormone called relaxing present in your body, which softens bones and joints to prepare for giving birth. This will make you more vulnerable to over-stretching as you may feel like you can go further in your practice. Because of this, please avoid pushing your self further in the poses than your body is accustomed to.

Make sure to easy off on your abs during the whole pregnancy. You will have less abdominal support, which means less support for your lower back - again take it easy! Make sure to go slowly go in and out of the postures. 

Most importantly... listen to your body.

Enjoy this period of your life and always feel free to ask questions. 

If you have any further Questions please contact us.