your first yoga class

    'Healthy spine, Healthy Life'   


Just Show up

This class is a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises that are carried out in a time frame of 90 minutes. Classes are suitable for both beginners and regular yoga practitioners no matter what age, physical fitness, physical disability or yoga experience. This yoga is for every one!

Grab your sports gear or running outfit, two big towels, a mat and a bottle of water and you are ready for class. If you do forget your yoga gear you can always rent a towel and a mat from us. If you have never done yoga before this is a great opportunity to come and try.



Make sure to drink throughout the day before you take a yoga class and especially after class to rehydrate. Drinking right before class can cause discomfort and does not have a great enough hydrating effect.

Try to avoid heavy meals prior to class. An empty stomach can be more comfortable.

Arrive early
Give yourself at least 15 minutes before class to meet the teacher and get settled. In this time you can make the teacher aware of any injuries or other medical conditions.

If it’s your first class go easy, let your body get used to the heat and the environment. If you need to sit down or even lay down, no problem.

Make sure to hydrate after class either with water or water including electrolytes. Coconut water is also a great option as it replenishes the mineral and the electrolytes which you have lost through perspiration.

Enjoy Yourself
The most important thing in a yoga class is to breathe, but second is to enjoy your practice! These are going to be 90 minutes that you are giving to yourself. Yoga is a challenge; allow yourself time to become familiar with yoga - you have your whole life to get to know the postures. Each class will be a different experience with a different challenge. Try your hardest each class and enjoy the changes that occur no matter how big or small.